System integration platform

The media world is changing at breakneck speed. More and more systems and channels have to be networked and the digitization of workflows intensified.
In order to meet these requirements, more and more systems and interfaces are being used on the one hand, but on the other hand, financial and human resources are becoming ever smaller.

With the experience of more than 20 years of system integration, digitalization and process optimization, we have developed our own open and dynamic system integration platform. With this, almost any media and metadata system, can be networked and the integrations implemented much faster and cheaper. Due to the continuous further development of the uniform platform, media companies can integrate new systems or replace old ones as they wish.
We focus especially on process optimization and user experience.

Some examples of use of the system integration platform:

  • Dynamic interface between MusicMaster and Digasystem
  • GEMA reporting from MusicMaster to SAP
  • Automated advertising import incl. quality check TV-Master and Masterplay
  • Dynamic import of MPN into DigiMedia and MusicMaster

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